Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi all...

So I've opened up this blog...because I figure it would be fun to share with the world my random and funny moments. Because I figure if it makes me smile it might bring smiles to some of you...and the world really needs to smile.
Well as you can tell I'm kim and over time I've picked up the name kim.berrie so I decided to call my blog that, and my likes and dislikes will take up ALOT of space so you'll probably get to know me a bit more during the rest of my posts...hopefully.
Before I go I should probably explain the picture I've put up...uhmm its LOADS different types of lollies...and I <3 lollies xD
I also thought the colours and the layout of it was pretty cool so enjoy...
*wish I could eat them*

bye for now :D

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