Friday, June 11, 2010

shout out to a LIDDLE someone...

Hey everyone,
Haven't blogged for a while and I blame exams for that...but I'm finished and I still haven't found anything interesting to blog bout.
Until now...
Okay so recently I've been following this tumblr account and I found a picture of a friend of mine on there. And he was pretty shocked when he saw it aswell...with all his newfound famous-ness the liddle guy plans on becoming "An international famous model...who will travel the world(by that he means South Korea)"
So I decided to help boost his fame and blog bout him. I dont see him very often so sadly I will not be following his trends and styles however shout out to little Leon (even though he's taller than me xD) super-model in the making :P Not to metion soon to be famous breakdancer.

Until next time, (I promise I'll have something to show...or else I'll have to blog about leon again :S haha just're awesome leon :P  *cough cough*)



P.S: Melissa you're awesome too :D so you don't need to be jealous ;D jokes. shout out to minnie mel aswell xD