Friday, May 14, 2010

bye bye sun :(

Hey everyone,
So with the dawning of this winter come a new era of fashion :P
Yeah I thought I'd open with a dramatic line...I guess I just ruined the effect.
Yeah well today, I had design in school. Yes I have taken design as an elective and it is fairly enjoyable.
Anyway, a friend of mine and me were sent to the library to research some fonts and pictures for this advertising project that we're supposed to do. But my friend...a future fashion designer... got caught up in the fact that the Sportsgirl website wasn't blocked at our school. So as well as researching (**cough cough**) we took a few minutes to look over some of the pictures they have.
And they had some pretty cool pictures...

We loved the leg warmers and the berets...this picture shows of the beret and the leg warmers quite well actually...

 Some of the pictures had us going "What's so good about this?" But some had some great ideas behind them.
Well after a few 'minutes' of looking up pictures we actually got onto our research.
Our task was to take an existing brand and turn it into our own.
So after looking up all these fashion related pictures...I decided to take the brand Burberry...and turn it into ~kim.berrie~   
Heres a picture of my design for my shopping bag. It's not as good as Lily's but hey it took me long enough :P

Well I hope you liked it...let me know if you have any other ideas .
Until next time....

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  1. :) great post!! I'm bring leg-warmers back this winter! You just watch! ;) beautiful logo!